Houghton Lake: People Warned to Avoid East, Southeast Ends of Lake After Vehicles Fall Through Ice

Many who dared to go out on the ice on Houghton Lake this weekend ended up paying the price when their car or snowmobile fell through.

This weekend’s 70th Tip-Up Town USA was a wet and cold one for many. State police say almost a dozen vehicles fell through the ice.

And Denton Township Fire Department says they’ve responded to calls of snowmobiles, trucks and people falling into the water near the festival.

They are now warning people to stay away from the east and southeast ends of Houghton Lake.

The assistant fire chief says this lake was open water less than a week ago.

Luckily, everyone that fell through was able to make it out safely.

9&10 News’ David Lyden is sitting down with festival organizers to see if they are changing events for Tip-Up Town’s second weekend.

He’ll have a full report 6.