Healthy Living: The Dangers Of Being A Snowplow Parent

You’ve heard of helicoptering – it is parents that hover too closely over their children.

Now in this age of anxiety and uncertainty, a new parenting style has emerged called snowplowing.

It refers to parents who will do anything and everything to remove any and all obstacles for their kids rather than prepare the child to overcome obstacles themselves.

Now, one woman is teaching families how to create success on the child’s terms.

Whitney Amann had that story in this Healthy Living.

While snowplowing should be avoided, educational consultant Ana Homayoun urges parents to be aware of their kids’ daily habits to be sure they are in line with their goals.

For instance, by being distracted by a phone or computer, homework assignments will take longer than they should.

Keeping them focused by limiting their usage online, can actually give teens more free time in the long run. It’s important to provide the time, space, and structure for kids to do their work.

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