Northern Michigan Digs Out After Winter Storm

Some people love it, some hate it, but when the snow comes like we saw this weekend we all have to dig ourselves out.

The snow totals varied from 4 to 10 inches across most of Northern Michigan this weekend. That’s enough for homeowners to break out the shovels and the snowblowers to clear out their cars and their walkways.

In Cadillac, almost every street had several people out Sunday morning shoveling away.

With this being Northern Michigan in the winter, it was just a matter of time before winter truly hit.

“It’s about time we’ve been, we missed it last weekend so it’s more than made up for it this weekend,” says Dennis Gaunt of Cadillac. “I grew up here in Michigan all my life so it’s just a normal thing you know. It’s not bad out and matters fact I was just about to take this off and just wear a sweatshirt.”

Gaunt adds he will take heavy snow anytime over ice and freezing rain.