37 Years Later, Friends and Family Search For Janette Roberson’s Killer

For 37 years, the friends and family of Janette Roberson have just wanted to know one thing: who killed her?

On January 19, 1983, Janette was murdered in the basement of a department store in Reed City.

The investigation never led to any arrests and the case still remains open.

Now for the sixth year, friends and family have walked through Reed City to raise awareness.

“I’ve said all along there’s a monster in Reed City,” says Lana Jarvie, Janette’s sister.

It’s been nearly four decades since Janette’s murder. It’s been nearly four decades of questions for her closest friends and family.

“Now 37 years later we still have no conviction, no answers,” says Carrie Hudson, friend of Janette’s daughter, “We’re still no closer than we were.”

After this long, they believe the only way this case will be solved is by somebody finally speaking up.

“The way she was murdered, somebody knows. Somebody had to have known what was done to her,” Jarvie says.

The Justice for Janette Walk, held every year around the date of her death, brings the murder to the forefront.

“I hope it gets people talking,” Elena Cavender says. “The more that people talk about her, the more memories come up. The more people remember.”

“I think the walk has generated more leads in the past six years than we have had in this case in the last 37 years,” Hudson says.

Not only to maybe bring the murderer to justice but to provide closure and those answers they seek.

“The why, it’s always the why,” Cavender says. “Even if the person is probably, maybe, dead by now, I want to know why.”

37 years is a long time, but Janette’s family is keeping faith.

“There has to be hope,” Cavender says, “Or what are we doing this for?”