The Impeachment Trial’s Swearing in of Chief Justice Roberts, Senators as Jurors

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will be presiding over the Senate during the impeachment trial.

9&10 News live streamed the swearing in at the top of 9&10 News’ homepage and Facebook page.

All 100 Senators also swore an oath as jurors.

It’s all part of the pre-trial phase, which is now underway.

The House prosecuting team, called the impeachment managers, formally presented the charges to the U.S. Senate on Thursday.

This is after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the articles delivered Wednesday, ending the four-week impeachment impasse.

But new developments could complicate the upcoming Senate trial.

The charges against President Donald Trump come from allegations that he used military aid as leverage to pressure Ukraine into investigating a political rival.

Thursday the Government Accountability Office issued a legal decision saying the withholding of those funds violated the law.

So much has happened in the last 24-hours with President Trump’s impeachment.

We’ll be breaking it all down for you, including a full report on what’s next in the process and some local perspective, later on 9&10 News at 5 and 6.