Peninsula Township Fire Department to Add Third Station

Minutes matter in an emergency, which is why the Peninsula Township Fire department plans to build another fire station to get to people who live far north on Old Mission.

The department already has two stations. Now they want to break ground on a third that will be far up the peninsula.

They’re in the planning stages of the project, but they say they will build it five miles north of Station 1, which is near Mapleton.

They plan to equip it with a fire truck and eventually advanced medical equipment. It will be staffed 24-7 and will serve more than 240 homes on the tip of the peninsula.

Those 240 homes are five or more miles from Station 1, and it can take more than 30 minutes to go from there to the closest hospital. A nearby fire station will not only be able to respond to flames, but also urgent medical matters like a cardiac arrest.

“You never know what you’re going to get into when you travel Center Road, the main through-way, you have to be prepared for it,” said fire chief Gilstorff. “You’re looking at a 20 mile ride which can take upwards of half an hour to 40 minutes to get them down there.”

The department has been expanding in recent years, acquiring advanced life support equipment in 2018 and new equipment. The equipment has already been used to save a life en route to the E.R.

Gilstorff says the third fire station will also save lives by getting to people sooner during a crisis.

Neighbors like longtime resident Robert Brown have been waiting for this for years. Brown lives at the northern end of the peninsula.

“It’s been a need for a long period of time we just haven’t had the land or the money,” Brown said. “If you had a heart attack, it would make a big difference.”

The township will pay for the new building. They hope to break ground on the project in the spring and have it and running by the fall.