Old Town Playhouse presents Paula Vogel’s, Indecent

The current production at Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City is one that will surely leave you talking about what you just experienced.  Indecent is Michigan’s first production of writer Paula Vogel’s Tony award-winning play. Traverse City director, Debbie Hershey says modern-day themes surround this play which was once considered taboo.

The play features a cast of seven actors and three musicians playing a total of 45-characters.  The storyline celebrates love, magic, and hope even in the face of the greatest adversities.  It focuses on the Yiddish world that was lost and brings to light common themes that resonate in today’s modern world.

“One of the reasons we picked this at Old Town Playhouse is because it’s so pertinent to the themes for today. If you think about immigrants, LBGTQ community rights, how women were treated, censorship. This theme of love combating hate is really why we felt it was so important at this time in our history to bring this play here,” says Debbie Hershey.

For more information on Indecent which opens Friday, January 17th at the Old Town Playhouse in Traverse City including ticket prices click here.


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