Charlevoix Co. Sheriff’s Office Identifies Second Boyne City School Bus-Passing Driver

Sheriff’s deputies have identified the driver who is the second person this week to drive past a stopped Boyne City school bus.

We told you about the first driver Monday, who passed the bus as students were getting ready to head to school that morning.

The Charlevoix County Sheriff tells us that driver was issued a citation.

The sheriff says they have identified the driver who passed the bus as students were unloading Wednesday.

The fines for these citations depend on the court, but the Charlevoix County Sheriff says we all play a role in children’s safety

“It’s up to us as adults and law enforcement and community members to make sure those roads are safe so those kids can get to it,” said Charlevoix County Sheriff Chuck Vondra.

“That’s a priority for all our community members, and one of the things people need to do is just slow down a little bit and let the bus drivers do their jobs,” said Patrick Little, Boyne City Schools Superintendent.

There is legislation in both the Michigan House and Senate to increase the punishment for failing to stop for a school bus.