Maggy’s Vintage: A Traverse City Gem Selling Timeless Treasures

Mother-Daughter Duo Lenora Gordon and Maggy Adams Take Us into the World of Vintage

“You can walk into a vintage shop and see things you never think you would see,” explains Maggy Adams, the owner of Maggy’s Vintage in downtown Traverse City.

“You walk through memory lane. You walk through the store and you’re like grandma had that mom had that I grew up with that,” says Maggy’s mother and owner, Lenora Gordon.

Each piece is carefully curated so it’s hard not to fall in love with everything that finds a temporary home in their store. Leonora says, “A lot of my friends say, ‘Lenora you work so much, you work so hard’ but it’s not work to me. It feels like I’m coming to a large dollhouse!”

This mother-daughter duo’s love of timeless treasures is contagious. They want to share this passion with each person that steps foot into their store.

The vision to open up this snazzy shop came when Maggy was honorably discharged from the military due to mental and physical health-related issues. “People have a perception of what the military is. Everyone is rough and tough–special ops and I think there are so many different aspects of the military,” says Maggy.

Maggy is serving as living proof that there are still plenty of opportunities after service. Lenora explains, “She called me from Florida and she said I’ve always wanted to do this shop with you and I said well baby come home and let’s do it!”

The words “Let’s do it” got the ball rolling. They found a space and made it theirs. “It was in rough shape. It took us 6 months to renovate it and there were times I just thought there is no way,” says Lenora.

Today you can find this shop sandwiched between the Bookie Joint and Millie & Pepper on Union St. booming with business and making the old, new.

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