Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital’s New Family Birthing Center Adds Eight New Rooms

“I think we’re really saying something when we as a rural community invest in a project like this,” said Kaley Petersen, the director of foundation and community services at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.

Expectant mothers in the Ludington area will now have an upgraded facility to welcome their little ones into the world.

Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital unveiled their brand new family birthing center Tuesday with eight new rooms.

It helps ease demand for birthing centers on the lake shore after last year’s closure of a facility in Manistee County.

Last year, 252 babies were born in Mason County.

“Today is incredibly exciting for us and our team here at the hospital,” said Danielle Warner, the nurse manager at the Family Birthing Center at Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital.

After several years of planning and a full year of construction, the new family birthing center is completed.

The majority of the center had not been changed much since being built in the 1960’s.

“Nowadays it’s a much more family centered approach. We really want all of the family and the friends involved in the whole process,” said Warner.

To do that they’ve made the rooms much bigger and added quite a bit.

“Two of our labor rooms have whirlpool tubs so our laboring moms who want to try hydro therapy for pain management or relaxation,” said Warner.

There are also patient refrigerators, in suite bathrooms, upgraded security and cradle baths.

“So now that newborns first bath can be done in this specially designed sink for comfort and we can really involve not just the patient but the family,” said Warner.

Not only have more amenities been provided for expectant mothers but also those that are coming to support them. The couches can come out and serve as beds as well.

Ashley Tyndall is expecting another baby boy this march and is thrilled about the renovations.

“I personally like the showers in the rooms because you used to have to go down the hall and take a shower and you leave the baby,” said Tyndall.

Mother of three Kaley Petersen not only works here but also gave birth in each phase of the center.

“You really do want that comfortable space especially when you’re laboring away from the normal environment,” said Petersen.

“This is the start of their life and you want to bring them in the right way and with the families,” said Tyndall.