Sen. Gary Peters Discusses Impeachment, Limiting Pres. Trump’s Military Actions

Northern Michigan’s News Leader spoke to Michigan Democratic Senator Gary Peters on Tuesday about the upcoming impeachment trial and the resolution to limit President Trump’s military actions against Iran.

“I think some very important facts need to come from witnesses. We need to hear form folks that have firsthand knowledge of what happened. Let them explain to us what happened under oath. That’s certainly important for a juror,” said Senator Peters.

The impeachment trial is likely to start next week and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia says the senate could vote on the resolution to limit President Trump’s military actions next week too.

The democratic senator says he has at least 51 votes to support a bipartisan resolution asserting that President Trump must seek approval from congress before engaging in further military action against Iran.

The measure is co-sponsored by two republican senators.

Senator Peters supports the measure, and says he’s troubled by the changing explanations given for the decision to take out a top Iranian general, ramping up tensions with Iran.

“Well I’m still very concerned about Iran and the main reason for my concern is I have not seen a thoughtful or coherent policy coming out of the Trump Administration. We haven’t seen that for some time,” said Senator Peters.

Peters says he would like to see a plan to stabilize the Middle East sometime in the near future from the White House.