Sen. Gary Peters Discusses Impact of USITC Ruling on Cherry Industry

The U.S. International Trade Commission made a decision Tuesday regarding the financial stress that cherries from Turkey have on U.S. growers.

The commission ruled the U.S. cherry industry is not negatively impacted by the import of dried tart cherries from Turkey.

The U.S. Department of Commerce determined Turkey was dumping subsidized cherries in the U.S. and selling them at a less than fair value.

Farmers across the country, including here in northern Michigan say that was hurting them and they simply couldn’t sell their fruit at a profit.

Northern Michigan’s news leader spoke to U.S. Senator Gary Peters about the decision.

“There’s no question that today’s decision by the international trade commission is a real blow to our cherry growers in northern Michigan. It is unexpected, we had a preliminary decision to go forward. The facts are very clear,” said Peters.

The ruling means Turkish cherry exporters won’t face tariffs.

Senator Peters says he’s planning to meet with farmers from northern Michigan to determine what’s next following Tuesday’s ruling.