Roscommon Community Reacts to Human Trafficking Arrests

We have continuing coverage on human trafficking arrests in Crawford County.

State Police arrested James Jarrell and Jeffrey Kobel.

That’s after a woman caught stealing a car lead troopers to the men she says held her captive.

The arrests happened Friday at a home on Roberta Drive in Crawford County’s South Branch Township.

Bob and Cathy Funkey are both heavily involved with spreading the word about human trafficking and online predators. It’s done hand in hand with the moose lodge and an organization called safe surfing.

“They’re based out of Virginia and in the funds that we raise throughout the state in our moose Lodge we support giving the state police department’s super computers so they can track online predators. We also have online kits that we lend out to police departments, sheriff’s offices,” said Bob.

Bob says the arrests in Crawford County show that work remains.

“Well, it’s shocking, it’s a little surprising, but with the amount of human trafficking that’s going on in the state, it’s not totally surprising. We don’t suspect, we don’t have anything to do with in our little town of 2,500 people anybody that we know of that’s involved in that, but you just never know,” said Bob.

Bob says some of that work includes changes in state laws.

“Especially in Michigan and the I-75 corridor we have done research and we have found that we are one of the top two or three states in the country that’s experiencing trafficking,” explained Bob.

Bob added that law enforcement also needs a boost in funding to combat human trafficking and online predators.