Participants Prepare for the Fat Chance Fat Tire Bike Race

A fresh dusting of snow made for perfect conditions for fat tire bikers.

Many are gearing up for a big race.

The Fat Chance Fat Tire Bike Race at Crystal Mountain is next for Sunday.

Sunday, riders had the chance to feel out the course.

These fat tire bikers are making the most out of this weather.

“Just giving people as many ways as they can to enjoy winter because winter is amazing,” said Sarah Anderson, a partner with Iron Fish Distillery. “Today is just to give people an opportunity to see the course and see what they’re in for on race day.”

The Fat Chance Fat Tire Bike Race expects to see somewhere between 100 to 140 racers.

“We have two races. We have the 45-minute race and a 90-minute race,” said Chris Remy, the recreation manager at Crystal Mountain.

For beginners, Remy says the 45-minute race is suggested.

“You basically go out and do as many laps as you can do in 45 minutes or 90 minutes for the main race,” said Remy.

The lapped course is great for those looking to be on two feet rather than two wheels.

“It’s a great crowd of people. Real supportive. Lots of cowbells out there. People rooting everybody on,” said Remy.

In terms of good riding weather, today was perfect.

“A day like this when you have beautiful snow. This is going to be some excellent riding conditions. Everybody’s going to have a good time. It really smooths out the trail,” said Remy.

But even if more snow comes by next week, it won’t be a problem.

“They have really good trails no matter the condition. It doesn’t matter if it’s five inches of snow or 15 inches of snow,” said Anderson.

Again for any beginners, they say the learning curve is pretty easy when it comes to fat biking.

“People are always stunned how upright they stay in the snow. Obviously having a five-inch tire helps you a lot,” said Remy. “I describe it as riding almost like you’re riding on pavement sometimes because it’s so smooth and then just get to take in the beauty of northern Michigan in the wintertime.”