Horizon Books in Traverse City to Close This Year

A staple of Traverse City announced it will soon be closing its doors for good.

Horizon Books says they’re in their final chapter after announcing they’ll be shutting down within the year.

The longtime community book store has been in Traverse City for nearly 60 years.

They formally had stores in both Beulah and Petoskey.

Once the Traverse City location closes, the only one left will be in Cadillac.

They say they have no plans of closing down that store.

The owners say it’s simply time for them to retire.

“I think somebody could come into Traverse City. Some new fresh blood, a youngster shall I say and that they could make a great success of the book business,” said Amy Reynolds, the CEO and Co-Owner of Horizon Books.

They’re not sure yet who or what will fill the space when they leave.

They don’t have an exact day of closing but say it’ll be sometime in 2020.