Wexford County Road Commission Busy Salting Roads, Preparing For What’s Coming

All this winter weather is causing roads throughout Northern Michigan to be slippery.

The Wexford County Road Commission says they’re ready to take them on. 

“Right lanes are really good. There’s no ice except left lanes are not plowed completely so there’s a little bit patch of ice here and there,” said a local driver.

One driver says he is extra careful when roads are this slick.

“We don’t drive like in conditions like this, we don’t drive the speed limit, we drive a little bit like if it’s 75, we drive 70,” said the driver.

He knows just how important it is to keep your car clear.

“We take breaks in the rest areas just to brush, clean our windows and just it’s all about safety.”

The Wexford County Road Commission was out Friday night salting the ice and they plan to be back at it Saturday night with the added snow.

“Tonight if we get snow, we will have guys called in. Well probably try to get through the night with seven or eight and then in the morning call in as many as we need to get the roads open,” said Alan Cooper, the manager at the Wexford County Road Commission.

They’ll start out with the blacktop roads and make their way to the gravel roads.

“Make sure you give our snowplows a lot of room to work. Never pass them on the right-hand side of the plow. It can push you off into the ditch very easily or you may hit one of our wings,” said Cooper.