Pres. Trump Hosts Rally in Toledo, Ohio; Vendors, Communications Director Give Insight on Rally

President Donald Trump is back in the Great Lakes region yet again, and it’s the first public appearance since the United States and Iran traded attacks this past week.

Thursday’s rally is in Toledo, Ohio.

Last month, Trump was in Battle Creek, and that same night he was impeached by the U.S. House.

There were thousands of people lined up since early Thursday morning, many even longer than that.

They weren’t alone out there, there were also dozens of vendors. Retailers that make a living following the president from rally to rally.

“As an entrepreneur, this is the exact place you want to be,” says vendor Lee Johnson.

When you have a business selling President Trump memorabilia, you go directly to a spot where thousands of his supporters are. They are ready for what could be a lucrative 299 days until the Presidential Election.

“I’m kind of like everybody else,” says a vendor named simply, ‘Biscuit,’ “You find the dates on the website and then from there you just go forward with it.”

“There are a couple guys around here, there’s a group that we see each other at almost all the rallies,” says Lori Levi, “Then in different states we will see people we’ve never seen before.”

Some stops are better than others.

“Ohio is always good, Michigan is always good, the Carolina’s sales are a little slower but out west is always great,” says Levi.

Of course, the weather will also play a role.

“Hoodies and scarves,” says Levi.

The scarves and gloves sell today, down south it’s t-shirts and hats.

“We were just in Florida where it was 72 degrees and there was a need for the hat,” says Biscuit, “The sun was a little harsh on the people, so they need to cover.”

You can find almost anything with the President’s face on it.

“Right now they don’t allow boxes inside but a lot of potential customers have been pretty excited about coming back,” says Johnson, inventor of Trump-O’s cereal, “Grabbing a box and showing their family and friends.”

Election season is just heating up and these vendors are ready to pack up and ride.

“I think he will ramp up and will do a rally a week,” says Levi, “I mean, sometimes two.”

As the rally starts to gear up, several speakers including Ohio Republicans, have started addressing the crowd.

As for the president, we fully expect the economy to be a big talking point, as well as the pending impeachment procedures heading from the house and the senate.

He’s also expected to speak on the recent conflict between Iran and the United States.

President Trump’s Communications Director said the speech will be economy first but as the first public rally since the Iran conflict he’ll likely address the situation.

“It’s likely that the president will talk about the events in Iran because I think that Americans want to see their president act decisively to protect the interests of the American people and protect our military overseas. He acted decisively on behalf of this country and I think he will talk about his decision making that went into taking out one of the worst terrorist of the 21st century,” said Trump Communications Director Tim Murtaugh.

It is no surprise the president and vice president are both speaking in the region again.

They know the road to the White House runs through this chain of states.

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