Michigan Works, Mecosta County Development Corporation React to Closure of U.S. Marble

More than 100 people are looking for work.

Their employer, U.S. Marble, closed suddenly late last week.

We first told you about the plant’s closure on Monday.

The plant has been in Remus for about 55 years, most recently owned by Clio Holdings.

“It was a big surprise especially coming back from the holiday break to see that 155 people in our county our community were out of work,” said Jonathan Eppley, a Michigan Works Business Services Specialist.

Michigan Works wants the nearly 160 former U.S. Marble employees to know, they’re here to help.

“We try to make things as convenient as possible. Offer all sorts of programs and services including workshops on resume building cover letter preparation mock interviews those types of things. So that way when they are applying for job they are putting their best foot forward,” said Eppley.

They’re holding a rapid response session, which includes an informational meeting this Friday at 9 a.m. and again at 2 p.m.

The goal is to let the former U.S. Marble employees know what Michigan Works can do for them.

“We also are expecting to have a rep from the unemployment insurance agency to help talk about how they can apply for unemployment,” said Eppley.

The president of the Mecosta County Development Corporation says he is angry about how this closing was handled.

“I know what they’re going through cause I’ve been there. It’s kind of a punch in the gut,” said Jim Sandy.

He says the plant’s sudden closure is not normal and he’s looking into finding out if it was even legal.

“We will get through this I’m sure I’m positive the economic growth continues and there are jobs and opportunities out there and I encourage anyone who wants to work to step up and get back to work,” said Sandy.