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Tech Tuesday: Interesting Items at CES 2020

The Super Bowl of technology officially kicks off Tuesday in Las Vegas.

More than 4,500 companies are at this year’s CES showing off the latest gadgets and devices.

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re showing you some of our favorite items at this year’s show.

CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is ringing in the new decade with new gadgets and some pretty wild ideas that have turned into reality.

One of the products on display is Lumi by Pampers.

Lumi is a smart diaper that automatically tracks a baby’s sleep and diaper status 24/7.

Another interesting gadget showcased at CES this year is Samsung’s SelfieType. SelfieType is an invisible keyboard concept that uses machine vision to track what you are typing.

The keyboard doesn’t require any external hardware, all you need is the camera on your phone or tablet.

Canadian company Townew is showing off its self-sealing, self-changing trash can. This incredible invention not only automatically seals the trash for you, it also automatically changes the next liner for you. The trash can cost $109 and is available in the U.S.

And AO Air, a New York based startup, is hoping to help people breathe clean air with its new wearable creation.

The Atmos wearable air purifier cleans the air before it reaches your mouth and lungs. The $350 wearable air purifier has a battery life of five hours and is available for pre-orders.

And that’s just a sample of the incredible tech products on display at this year’s CES. CES runs through Friday.