U.S. Marble Plant Near Remus Closes Abruptly

More than 100 employees are trying to figure out what’s next after their plant suddenly closed on Friday.

U.S. Marble had been in the Isabella/Mecosta County area for 55 years, growing to triple digits in employees.

Three years ago the company was acquired from the original owner by Clio Holdings. Late last week, they abruptly closed the plant.

Employees at U.S. Marble had been off for the last two weeks for the holiday break and were expected to get back to work on Monday but on Friday afternoon they were sent an email that said their jobs were terminated, effective immediately.

“Personally I feel like it was a kick right in your rump,” says 15 year employee Willard Denman.

More than 100 employees worked at U.S. Marble near Remus, the entire crew fired in an instant on Friday. Several other plants across the country met the same fate.

“We were all kind of blindsided by what happened,” says Zachary Bentley, employee since 2018, “We were running normal production and everything was running like it should.”

“We were working 14-15 hour days and then we were down to 10-12 hour days,” says Denman, “But with more production going out.”

These employees have no jobs, no insurance or the ability to get COBRA coverage. Upper management could not be reached and the websites for US Marble and their parent company, Clio Holdings, have already been deleted.

“There are always rumors when it’s slow, that there were going to be layoffs or stuff like that but it never comes true,” says 15 year employee James Neal.

In fact, the company’s president sent employees an email on December 29th saying the rumors of a shutdown were being spread by competitors. “Please know that if I am told anything I will share with all of you, so at this point, let these people continue to spread the rumors,” the email said.

Just days later, these employees were being let go with an immediate end to benefits, insurance and pay.

“It wasn’t the way they should have done it,” says Denman, “They should’ve given us a notice versus just sending us an email.”