Big Rapids to Allow Deer Cull Due to Overpopulation Issue

The City of Big Rapids passed a resolution to allow for a deer cull.

They say there’s an overpopulation issue.

They plan to team up with the United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services to do this in a safe and humane way.

Big Rapids has done a deer cull 13 times since 2001.

This is expected to cost around $5,600.

The USDA will use suppressed firearms and work at night using thermal energy cameras.

While many people living there have asked the city to do this, not everyone is in favor of it.

One man says it’s not fair and the deer should be tranquilized and relocated.

“I’m opposed to it because I don’t feel that nobody, nobody should be out there slaughtering the deer and what I consider, that’s exactly what they’re going to do,” said Ron McAlister.

All of the meat from the deer cull will be donated to Sportsmen Against Hunger.