Brewvine: Snowshoe, Wine and Brew on Old Mission Peninsula

“We partner with Brys Estate and with Bowers Harbor Vineyard and it’s kind of a collaboration between the three of us to kind of bring people out to the peninsula during the winter months,” said Jonny Tornga, event coordinator at Jolly Pumpkin.

It’s a collaboration that’s creating a buzz on Old Mission Peninsula…

An outdoor excursion called “Snowshoe, Wine and Brew” that takes adventurers on a snowshoeing trek to three of their favorite stops on the peninsula.

“You don’t even need to have snowshoes you can rent them. As soon as you have a reservation through our Facebook, they have all the links there and then once you make your reservation we give you a number to call, you call them and they set you up with a pair of snowshoes,” said Tornga. “So you have that all reserved so all you really need is to show up with the proper clothing and get ready for a good time.”

The wintry walk will all be worth it when you sip and sample your favorite wines, suds and spirits.

He said “we are known for our sour beers so we have all of our sour beers for you to try. You could also look into some of our spirits as well. So if you’re not quite a beer person and you’re more toward the wine and spirits side of it, we do have that here for you to sample as well. So we have tons of options for you.”

Thirsty travelers get five tastings at each stop along the way to tide them over on their mile long journey from Brys Estate to the Jolly Pumpkin where their trip begins and ends.

“This is actually where you end up, here at Jolly Pumpkin,” he said. “We have a nice little room set up for everyone to kind of hang out in, to do your sampling and stuff like that and then we offer you a discount afterwards and being that we have the full restaurant here, afterwards you can go grab a bite to eat, kind of freshen up, and get warm in our nice cozy pub out here.”

The sights along the route, will ensure that you enjoy the hike as much as the destinations.

“You always think of the natural beauty out here in the summer but still it’s absolutely stunning in a different way in the winter. I mean you come out here and these trees always have snow on them and you’re just meandering through the super quiet, pristine area, and it’s just a different experience I think and really unique that a lot of people kind of forget to experience I think,” said Tornga.

This event runs December 29 through March 8.

You can sign up here.

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