Clare Freshman Signs Onto CMU Basketball Team

Central Michigan University Men’s basketball team has their newest signee…and he’s unlike any other they’ve had before.

Darryn Yoder of Clare signed on to the Chippewa squad Monday afternoon in a special signing ceremony.

In the New Year, MAC play begins full speed for the Chippewas as they add a secret weapon.

“Every night in the MAC is a dogfight,” says junior forward David Dileo, “Adding Darryn to the squad is a big addition for us and should help us reach our goals of a MAC championship down the road.”

We’re told he was made for this system.

“Really good. Really good. You see us play, we’re up and down, shoot the ball so he’ll fit in perfectly,” says Caleb Hodgson, freshman forward from Dansville.

Monday he signed on the dotted line and made it official.

“It’s weird ,in a good way,” says Yoder, “I mean, it feels awesome.”

Yoder is a freshman at Clare High School. He also has cystic fibrosis and through a program called Team Impact, he has become close to the Chippewas.

“I’ve come to a couple of the games and I’ve gotten to know some of the guys very well,” says Yoder.

Close enough to sign a letter of intent Monday and truly become part of the team.

“I like to think that I’m a pretty good shooter,” says Yoder, “I like shooting from long distance rather than short distance.”

“You know he fits in well with that ‘3MU’ we like to bring,” says Dileo, “He has a good shot.”

While actual eligibility will be an issue, the plan is to have him on the bench and sidelines as much as possible.

“I just look forward to spending time with the team,” says Yoder, “Playing basketball is fun, but just being there with the team.”

If you ask Darryn he’ll tell you basketball isn’t even his favorite sport, it’s actually fishing. Thus his love of the hook shot.