New Amenity at Crystal Mountain Gives Young Skiers a Place to Warm Up

A new winter experience at Crystal Mountain in Benzie County is getting kids warmed up and ready to get back hitting the slopes.

A newly constructed amenity is was unveiled Saturday and will serve as a place for kids to relax.

“It’s just a fun place for the kids to hang out,” says Janice Davidson, director of recreation and ski school.

Young skiers at Crystal Mountain can now enjoy a bit of warmth inside a unique tent-like structure called a yurt.

“We chose this location because it’s a lesson friendly area. It’s between many of our different runs, some of our more family friendly, beginner runs,” says Davidson.

The yurt will serve as a cozy rest stop for some of the resorts youngest skiers who are enrolled in the Crystal Kids ski school.

“We have snacks and we drink water and hot cocoa,” says Crystal Kids student Leonie McFall.

Being 30 feet wide and 14 feet high, the yurt can hold up to 48 kids and instructors looking for a quick warm up.

Davidson says, “It at the top of the hill, it’s an easy place for instructors to stop, warm up, get the kids inside, readjust boots.”

It can keep them out on the slopes a bit longer and will also bring more opportunities to the school. “It means we can increase our capacity for our ski school. It means we can have different opportunities on the top of the hill,” says Davidson.

A perfect location for these young skiers to explore the slopes, improve their skiing skills and make new friends. “I’m excited to expand our ski school, looking at new programming, developing new different activities on top of the hill,” says Davidson.