The Willy Wonka of Northern Michigan: Crow & Moss Chocolate

Eating chocolate is now a daily ritual for Mike Davis, owner of Crow & Moss Chocolate in Petoskey. This professional baker can now add a new title to his resume, Chocolate Maker.

Davies said, “Doing stuff in the kitchen was always something I liked doing with chocolate I was thinking of a way to have more of a wholesale business model so I thought it would be fun where I could have something in a little factory.”

This little factory is something like you’d see in Willy Wonka with the gadgets and machines, but all jokes aside, the business is serious – seriously growing. He is now putting out artisan chocolate cars to northern Michigan and beyond!

Davies said, “I bring in beans from direct sources I have three different ones now I have one from Columbia, one from DR and one from Honduras they are all from single farms and they each have their own nuances.”

The process is more of a science than anything at Davies has it down pat.

He said, “You literally hand sort everything try to find the ones that aren’t perfect you know perfect in the agricultural sense and once there separated they’re roasted … I do long and slow roasts so I’m doing 275 for 40 minus so it’s pretty light just like coffee if you light roast cacao beans they’ll be brighter maybe even like sort to some people’s palate and if you do it longer or at a higher temperature it would be more toasty or you could get the burn so I’m just doing a medium one that I thought would fit most people’s palates.”

After he roasts it all, the beans take time to cool before putting them into a vacuum-like machine. This is the noisiest part of the process.

Davies said, “That actually grinds it for 3 days and you add the sugar at that point.”

He has created this blend with 70% chocolate to 30% organic sugar.

He makes more than just chocolate bars though, there is also liquor that has made a big impact on his company.

There is one thing that set Crow & Moss Chocolate apart from your typical chocolate bar — there are no additives involved. It’s simply chocolate and sugar.

He said, “Using just two ingredients you get a boom of flavor upfront it’s not being watered down at all and coming from good sources from heirloom farms that are growing cacao makes a big difference as well.”

This is an indulgence that you can feel good about, but Mike hopes it’s more than that for his customers.

To learn more about their one-of-a-kind flavors, click here.

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