Dann’s House in Traverse City Expands, Helping More Men

Five years ago a group of volunteers started Dann’s House, a nonprofit in Traverse City, to honor a man who suffered from homelessness and alcoholism. Now the organization is expanding.

Karen McCarthy helps men like David Whitney and Doug Wilson in memory of her brother, Dann.

“He died in 2012 and we were able to name the house after him and carry out the work in his memory,” McCarthy says.

Dann’s House in Traverse City doesn’t just provide a roof over people’s heads, it helps them apply for benefits and provides support for overcoming alcohol addictions.

Wilson says, “I have had a job in my lifetime, it was just that the alcohol got the better of me and so I lost my wife, I lost my job.”

People who stay at Dann’s House must pay rent and follow rules set by the men currently living there; giving them a new sense of responsibility as they work to get back on their feet.

Whitney says, “It’s a lifesaver, I would like to make that clear to anybody who’s going to catch any of this, that this place saves lives.”

And recently they expanded, buying the other half of the duplex.

McCarthy says, “So we were able to expand to serving four residents to serving seven, with the hope in the future that we can add additional bedrooms in the basement.”

In the last five years they’ve served nearly 40 men, and now they hope to serve many more.

Wilson says, “We support each other because we’re all in the same house, boat. However you want to say it. And we’re all going through the same stuff.”

To donate and help Dann’s House continue its mission of helping men in the Grand Traverse area, check out their website at dannshouse.org.

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