Healthy Living: The Germiest Places in Hotel Rooms

It’s the busiest travel time of the year.

But, before you pack up your suitcase for holidays, there is something you should know about that hotel room you may be staying in.

It may be dirtier than you think!

Here are some things to watch out for during your stay:

  1. The remote control: wipe it down with Lysol wipes. These can house gross guests like MRSA and STAPH.
  2. Be wary of drinking glasses, especially if your hotel does not have a restaurant or kitchen to wash the glasses.
  3. Skip making your own coffee, because coffee makers can harbor mold and respiratory viruses.
  4. The room card key: many hotels reuse them, but they often do not disinfect them.

Click the video below for more germ infested spaces to be aware of when you travel.



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