Adrienne Quintal’s Family Speaks Out After Discovering Body in Platte River

Adrienne Quintal, a woman from Southfield, Michigan was visiting her family’s cabin in Benzie County in mid-October.

She disappeared after a panicked phone call to a friend on Oct. 17, saying she was in a shootout with two men.

Quintal’s family has been searching for any sign of her in nine weeks since then.

Her sister Jenny Bryson says “As a family we have been turning every stone, looking everywhere for her.”

On Saturday, the family was canoeing down the Platte River on their 40 acres of land and discovered a body submerged in water.

Far-left: Adrienne Quintal, Far-right: Quintal’s sister Jenny Bryson

“My husband and my brother-in-law found her, but we were all there. We were all there so she wasn’t by herself,” explains Bryson.

Although her sister Jenny Bryson has identified the body as her sister Ada, the Benzie County Sheriff’s Department has not confirmed it.

While there has not been positive identification, the family says they are walking away with closure.

“We can rest a little easier knowing that the journey so far has come to an end. It’s been hard searching for her and even though we’re glad to have some closure it’s been heart-wrenching,” says Bryson.

Quintal’s family has one wish, that people in the community will honor her.

Bryson says, “I would ask that anyone would turn on their porch light or their Christmas lights or light a candle for her because she’s finally home.”

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