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MedWatch: TAVR Procedure

As we age, keeping up with your health care becomes even more important.

That way, doctors can catch problems sooner and make sure you’re living your best life.

In MedWatch, learn about a less-invasive heart procedure that had a man back on the road again in no time.

Donald Moran has a 1932 Ford that he basically built himself, but it doesn’t just sit. He and his wife Evelyn recently took it to the Upper Peninsula for a color tour.

He says they would “stop here, there, look at this and do what you want to do. That’s the way we believe you go on any trip, so we just had a good time.”

Having a good time and enjoying life is what these two should be doing, but heart problems were slowing Donald down.

“I was getting tired too much, every time I turned around I wanted to go to sleep, sit down, you know? And so finally it came to my regular visit with Dr. Slocum and he told me what was happening,” explained Donald.

Donald had aortic stenosis, a disease that causes the narrowing of the aortic valve.

He was a good candidate for the TAVR procedure, a less invasive option that opens up the valve.

He had the procedure and life changed almost immediately.

He says, “Right after that it was like a whole different thing. I wasn’t so tired, didn’t want to go to sleep all the time, was walking fine, still walking good.”

Dr. Nick Slocum was part of Donald’s award-winning heart care from Munson Medical Center. The team that got him back to his life, his wife and his truck.

Donald is forever grateful.

“This hospital is something else, I mean I really had good care, very good care, and I had a very good doctor,” said Donald.

But part of what made Donald’s procedure and recovery a success were his diligence in seeing Dr. Slocum and his team every year for more than 20 decades.

It’s crucial to know your heart health. You can do that by and talking with your primary care doctor.