A Place To Go Offers A Welcoming Place for People with Mental Illness

A welcoming place for those who don’t always feel welcome.

A group in Sault ste. Marie just opened “A Place To Go”.

Mental illness can often come with a stigma.

A Place To Go wants to change that.

The group works to support people with mental illness and they’re having an open house right now until 7 p.m.

A Place To Go is located near downtown on 826 Ashmun Street.

They offer support services and recovery resources to help members.

Games, arts and crafts, and food are all part of the program to make members feel welcome.

“Hopefully what we do is try to take some of the fire out of the stigma out of what occurs to so many and can be as equally as damaging as mental illness,” said Operational Director Pat Soule.

A Place To Go is open but with limited hours right now.

They will expand their hours once all renovations are done.

For more information they can be reached at 906-635-8235.