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Tech Tuesday: Instagram Launches New Feature to Fight Online Bullying

Instagram is working to make its platform a more positive experience for users.

We explain how in this week’s Tech Tuesday.

Monday Instagram as part of its long-term commitment to lead the fight against online bullying.

The new feature notifies users when their captions on a photo or video could be considered offensive, allowing people the chance to pause and consider their words before posting.

The new feature uses AI that recognizes different forms of bullying.

This isn’t the first step Instagram has taken to fight online bullying on its platform.

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a similar feature that notifies people when they are about to post a comment that could be considered offensive.

According to Instagram, they found that those types of nudges can encourage users to reconsider their words.

Instagram says this warning also helps educate the public on what isn’t allowed on the social media platform and when an account is at risk of breaking Instagram’s rules.

Instagram has also announced its .

The fact-checking program, which launched in May, is used to help Instagram identify, review and label false information.

The global expansion of Instagram’s fact-checking program will allow fact-checking organizations around the world to assess and rate misinformation on the social media platform.