Onekama High School Adviser Helps Make Filling out FAFSA Fun

An Onekama High School adviser wanted to do something different when it came to the daunting financial aid application process, so she came up with some fun incentives for students.

“It’s something that Michigan needs to make some improvements on, and that’s why we have our college advisers through Advise Michigan,” says Jaylee Brown, College & Career Adviser at Onekama Consolidated Schools.

That’s when Brown introduced creative ways for her students to apply, like throwing a ‘FAFSA Fiesta’ or holding a ‘Christmas Scholarship Raffle.’

Brown says, “It doesn’t hurt you it’s only helps you, I know it might seem scary to sign some of the stuff, giving the personal information, but it’s confidential, it’s going through the government and it’s worth it, it doesn’t hurt, it only helps to get that free money.”

She also includes prizes that students can win like food or movie tickets if they apply.

Jackson Gutowski, senior at Onekama High School with aspirations to get accepted into the University of Michigan says, “She helps us to get more motivation to do it because she comes in our classroom a lot and she’ll tell us there’s this scholarship you can do or there’s this website you can go to.

Something Brown says has paid off, she says, Onekama already has 75 percent of their seniors applied for financial aid. “I just want to be that person that could help change somebodies mind that this is possible for them,” says Brown.

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