Michael’s Place in Traverse City Receives Two New Grants

A northern Michigan non-profit dedicated to helping people through their grief is getting some support of its own.

Michael’s Place in Traverse City is a place for healing for those who have suffered loss. Now, they’re getting two grants to support their mission.

A $50,000 grant from Rotary Charities, and $13,000 from the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, will highlight the fact that grief support is important for all ages, and not just for school-aged children.

Melissa Fournier with Michael’s Place says, “The need is pervasive. Not only children but when parents, and adults, have a grief response that works for them, they are then more able to respond to children in need.” She adds the monies will help not only with programs for children at Michael’s Place, but also in schools and in workplaces. “What we know about grief is it affects every aspect of a person’s life. So if we can offer support in the workplace as well, that creates a different kind of experience for people who are bereaved. And it trickles back into the home environment, the school environment when the child is back in school. It affects families on every level.”

If you’re a parent and think you or your child would benefit from Grief Support counseling, or if you’re part of a local business or school and are interested in learning more about Michael’s Place, just Click Here.