Healthy Living: Top Health and Fitness Trends for 2020

Wondering what the next workout, supplement, or food craze will be? We’ve got you covered!

Whitney Amann reported on the top wellness trends that are likely to explode in 2020 in this Healthy Living.

A new year is approaching and for many, that means setting new health goals. So, what will the top workout and wellness trends be in 2020? Experts say on-demand and streaming workouts will reach new heights. In fact, the global digital fitness market is predicted to climb to 27.4 billion dollars by 2022. Artificial intelligence “personal trainer” equipment like the peloton bike will likely become hot items and another fitness craze that’s predicted to trend is boutique studios. They offer unique, class-based workouts from cycling to boxing to rowing.

Assistant Manager at Row House, Christina Valanti said, “So it’s going to be a lot more specific to what you’re actually looking for and just what the product is. It’s going to be very honed in.”

Plus, there will be plenty of new diet options. The plant-based meat alternative market is a food movement that’s expected to reach 27.5 billion dollars by 2025. That means you’ll probably hear more about lab-grown meat and dairy substitutes, and products with CBD oil should trend in the coming year. According to Forbes, the CBD market is projected to undergo a 700% spike in sales by 2020. Our last expected trend: functional drinks. You’ll probably see more beverages with claims to boost energy and relieve stress.

Wellness retreats are also thought to become hot attractions in 2020.

In fact, there’s been a 182% increase in searches for these types of retreats, which offer everything from meditation to yoga classes.

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