Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. Sells Out of Purple Potato Chips

Traverse City-based Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. says they have sold out of purple chips.

You may have noticed the unique snack if you were out shopping in Traverse City, East Lansing, Ann Arbor or Detroit.

They were developed between the chip company and Michigan State University’s potato program.

Researchers spent two decades cross-breeding spuds to develop the blackberry potato.

It is unique due to its deep rich color.

The first batch for the chip company was grown at Iott farms in Kalkaska.

Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. then turned them into 4,500 packets which flew off shelves.

The potatoes were not just a hit with Michigan residents but with a former president as well.

President Barack Obama tried them on a visit to MSU in 2014 and gave them the thumbs up.

Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. says they plan to bring back the blackberry potato chips next year.