Boyne City Man Making Remarkable Recovery After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury Last Year

23-year-old Mitchell Gasco loves his truck and getting way off the beaten path with mudding.

It’s a joy in a life he almost lost last year.

“I remember waking up that morning and I went to work,” Mitchell said.

Last November, while working in tree service a branch fell and hit Mitchell in the head causing a serious injury.

He was rushed to McLaren Northern Michigan.

“We prayed and prayed the entire way there, it was the longest ride ever,” said Kerry Peck, Mitchell’s mom.

Mitchell suffered from a traumatic brain injury and required emergency surgery.

Dr. David Morris is Mitchell’s neurosurgeon.

“When he went to surgery it with the anticipation to at least provide an opportunity for survival,” Dr. Morris said.

It was devastating news for Mitchell’s mom Kerry.

“I just remember him saying he repaired the damage that was done all he could, but most likely he would die a neurological death,” Kerry said. “It was just the single worst day of my life.”

For the first few days, Mitchell’s condition didn’t change.

“Dr. Morris, God bless that man, we told we didn’t want him to put Mitchell through any more surgery he had really had enough and Dr. Morris came in and said please let me just throw everything at him that I’ve got and we said go for it and he did,” Kerry said.

“I think his guardian angel was the one who should get the most credit for his recovery as opposed to us,” Dr. Morris said.

A few weeks after the accident Mitchell started to show signs of recovery.

“We knew that he was a fighter, we knew that he had it in him.” Kerry said.

First he fought for his life, then he had to fight to get back to it. Mitchell spent several months in rehab.

“It was a struggle at first, because all I could lift was a 2 pound weight I knew if I kept pushing forward I could get my life better than what it is right now,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell worked to make each day better than the last.

“Given how severe he was injured, he has made an excellent, fantastic recovery which is in large part thanks to his efforts,” Dr. Morris said.

Less than a year after the accident, Mitchell returned to work part-time.

“It’s amazing because the first day I went back to work it felt like a sense of normalcy for myself and I absolutely loved it,” Mitchell said. “It’s just amazing to be able to do what I can do after what I went through.”

Mitchell also is back to driving his truck. This year he was able to be a part of the Boyne mud run.

“I thought it was a day that would never happen for me, and it was the best thing in the world to come up to that line less than a year after my accident,” Mitchell said.

Both for Mitchell, and his mom Kerry, the days have changed dramatically, with more gratitude, more appreciation and more love.

“It’s just amazing, just to see him and to hug him, and hold him, his smile just lights up my world, I can see into his eyes and when he gives me that little smile,” Kerry said.

So what’s next for Mitchell?

“I just got to many goals in life to even start to scratch the top on / this just showed me that life can change at any second,” Mitchell said.

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