Salvation Army in Cadillac Mourns the Loss of Captain Miranda Duskin

“You just feel like you’re very numb to everything that happens around you,” said Alice Rawlin, a Salvation Army Volunteer.

The Salvation Army in Cadillac is in shock as they mourn the loss of one of their captains.

Captain Miranda Duskin was just 40 years old and died suddenly this week due to a blood clot.

Her husband, five children and a family of fellow volunteers at the Salvation Army are devastated at this loss.

“We are all in shock. We’re still in shock. I supposed we’ll be in shock for quite a long time afterward,” said Rawlin.

Captain Miranda Duskin spent much of her life volunteering with the Salvation Army.

“Miranda would never want anybody to go without Christmas, especially the children,” said Rawlin.

Her and her husband come from Salvation Army backgrounds and served together as captains in Cadillac.

Rawlin worked with her the day she passed.

“I gave her a little wave. I said see you in the morning,” said Rawlin.

Due to a fall, Duskin couldn’t move around much this week.

Doctors believe that’s what led to her blood clot.

“We are desperately missing her but we’re doing our best,” said Rawlin. “She primarily led our Christmas program at this time of the year.”

Rawlin says Duskin was someone everyone could rely on.

“Miranda was a great, loving person. Very interested in everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from, what you believe, that did not matter to her. She showed the love of Jesus to everybody,” said Rawlin.

She spent her life giving back to the community and helping others.

“That was really her aim and her goal and her mission for everybody, was to tell them of the love of Jesus because she was so in love with the Lord and wanting to do his work because it was her calling to pass his word along and his love along to everyone she came into contact with,” said Rawlin.

While family, friends and fellow volunteers are heartbroken over this loss, they know she’ll always be with them.

“Our teaching and our upbringing in the Salvation Army is that when we take our last breathe, we have been promoted to glory and we are believing this day that our Miranda has been promoted to glory and that she’s now with the Lord,” said Rawlin.