Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry Helps Needy Families in Evart

During this time of year, many communities try to make an extra effort to help their neighbors in need.

The Sears Food Pantry teamed up with Feeding America to bring a mobile pantry to Evart Saturday.

That allowed them to distribute around 11 pounds of food for those in need.

They hoped to serve around 200 local families.

Those in need could fill their carts with gallons of milk, oranges, potatoes and even desserts.

The president of the food pantry says none of this would be possible without the help of their generous community.

“There’s a lot of folks around that they’re budgets are tight, money’s tight this time of year. We feel it’s a way for them to help, at least help with the grocery bills,” said Kenneth Phillips, the president of the Sears Food Pantry.

For those who were not able to make it out to the mobile pantry Saturday, they plan to have more coming soon.