Lake City Student Gets Opportunity to Capture her Dreams in D.C.

Junior at Lake City High School Haley Mattison has a passion for photography and journalism.

“I love the smile people get when they get the pictures back and they get to see everything that they do in action and I get to capture,” says Mattison.

Her pictures inspire and show the detail of every-day life. That’s why a teacher at Lake City High School nominated Mattison to get a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next summer, Haley is planning on attending the Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University.

Principal of Lake City Middle and High School Tim Hejnal says that Haley is an amazing young woman. “Anyone who meets her can see her sincerity and her warmth, just wherever she goes, and she will represent all of us very well.”

Haley will not only be representing her community at the national conference, but also the state. “None other from Missaukee County that get accepted and there’s few from each state so they told me in the email that I not only represent Lake City but my county and the state of Michigan,” says Mattison.

Now, Haley and her mom Sasha are reaching out to the community to help her get there. “It is three thousand dollars for her to go, and being a single mom I told her that I can’t afford it, and so we decided to do a can drive, and we’ve had tons of people in the community donate cans,” says Sasha Mattison.

Spending her life capturing other people’s lives, now Haley is capturing her own dreams.

“Everyone’s always supported me and so now that I get to represent them it just makes me happy,” says Haley Mattison.

If you like to help Haley go on her trip, here is a link to her GoFundMe Page.

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