Clare City Police K9 Officer Dies

The Clare City Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own, Brewster, their K9 officer died Wednesday night.

Brewster had been with the department since 2015 and was a dual trained dog, equally effective searching for narcotics and tracking people.

Clare Police Chief Brian Gregory says just last week he assisted Michigan State Police in finding a wanted man on the run.

“We lost a brother,” says Gregory, “It’s hard to explain that but we lost a brother. We lost a fellow officer.”

Brewster was just 8 years old and just got off an overtime shift Wednesday night. His handler let him out in the yard as soon as he got home.

“For some reason he took off and went across the road,” says Gregory, “When the officer called him back, we’re not sure but for some reason, he was in the roadway and he was struck and killed by vehicle.”

For the small city department, he was every bit an officer as the humans he served with.

“He was a very, what we like to call, a driven dog,” says Gregory, “When he got out of the car, and even when he was in the car, he meant business. He wanted to work.”

For Chief Gregory, this hits even deeper. Not only was Brewster an officer in his department but he personally trained him himself.

“It’s hard not to get emotional when you talk about it because not only did the handler have that bond with him but I had to bond with the handler and the dog,” says Gregory, “They were products of me.”

He was used around the area for different departments. Thursday morning, dozens of their police cars gave him a proper escort out of town. Those officers knowing how valuable a reliable K-9 unit can be.

“You’re putting your life basically in their hands,” says Gregory, “In their paws.”

A memorial ceremony will be scheduled before the new year and the department plans for a memorial at the station.