Police Continuing to Investigate Possible Homicide in Leelanau County

We’re learning more about a body that was found Wednesday in Leelanau County.

Police say they’re now investigating it as a homicide.

It happened south of Maple City, near Kasson Center Road.

Police tell us a group of people drove by this afternoon and noticed it looked like something had been dragged through the snow.

They followed the marks over the hill expecting to find a deer but instead, it was a woman’s body.

The body of a female over the age of 50 was found.

“We’re working up on some leads and follow ups now and now that we have basic age, basic physical description and so forth,” said Sheriff Michael Borkovich, with the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office.

The woman’s body was taken to Munson Medical Center.

Police say it underwent heavy trauma which leads them to believe there was foul play.

The Michigan State Police crime lab was also on scene.

“Our team came out here. We took prints, photographs, took samples of the area and they are processing the scene and will continue to work on this as we progress,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll, with the Michigan State Police.

However the weather conditions made the investigation a bit more difficult.

“We dealt with a lot of snow. When we first got here some of the evidence was covered up with snow but we were able to, with lab techniques, to determine a lot of the information we needed to process the case,” said Borkovich.

The woman’s body will be sent to Kalamazoo Thursday morning for an autopsy.

While police do believe someone killed the woman, they don’t think there’s a threat to anyone in the area.

“We consider this still an active crime scene, although nobody’s in threat. Nobody’s in jeopardy that we’re aware. Just be aware, be alert, pay attention to details and keep your eyes and ears open until we can bring this to a close,” said Borkovich.

Police say we should expect to get more information on this situation on Thursday.