Northern Michigan in Focus: Castle Farms Trees

This is the time of the year where people walk around in amazement of Christmas decorations.

For this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus, Corey Adkins takes you to a place in Charlevoix County that will put you in the holiday spirit.

“If you haven’t been to the Castle, it’s a really great way to come see the history as well as see Christmas displays,” said Rebekah Moser with Castle Farms.

Some of you have been to the Castle in Charlevoix, and some haven’t. But this is a great time of year for everyone to visit.

“When you first walk in that first entrance to the Castle, and you’re just transported into this magical forest and you walk through and you see all the different trees,” explained Rebekah.

There are different themes on every tree.

“One that is a snowman theme. We also have unique toppers, so we would actually have a snowman topper. We have a candy cane tree, we have a lollipop or a sweets tree. We have a Santa tree. We definitely have a Grinch tree, and that one is a favorite among pretty much every age,” said Rebekah.

But the main event always seems to be the trains.

“We also have our train display. We have it from G scale trains that are all along a holiday village and we actually have some HO holiday scale trains as well, too,” explained Rebekah.

What is it about trains that transports us into that Christmas spirit?

Tradition is important to a lot of families. Holiday stories are a part of that. Santa will be at the Castle this weekend.

“Having the chance to sit intimately with him and have him read you Christmas stories that your parents are probably reading you and read you multiple times,” said Rebekah.

Trains, trees and Santa.

“We have had people that come for the past five years with your kids, and it’s fun to see them grow and change and still be excited to watch Santa read them a story.”

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