Manistee Animal Shelter at Capacity, Can’t Take in Anymore Dogs, Cats

When animal control brings in a dog or cat that’s been left behind, the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter welcomes them with open arms; but the shelter says it’s gotten to the point where they need some help.

“It’s sad, you know you don’t want to see animals like that in the kennels, you want to see happy dogs,” says Shareen Edmondson, Homeward Bound Animal Shelter manager.

They currently have twenty-two dogs and seventy-six cats.

“Every one of these animals here, they’re full of life, they have a lot of character, each one of them does, so spending time here with just one of them or any of them, and they’ll grow on you,” says Edmondson.

However, the shelter says they can’t take in anymore dogs or cats until the ones they have are adopted.

Theresa Zeh, an employee at Homeward Bound says the situation is heartbreaking. “It’s sad we’re to the point with animals that we can’t accept anything else, we need to get them adopted, get them into homes, to be able to set more animals.”

But when thinking to adopt this holiday season, Edmondson recommends it not being a family surprise. “I don’t recommend a puppy or a kitty under the tree,” says Edmondson. “The whole family should come in, meet the animals, and see which one is going to best fit their family.”

The shelter says they are also in need of donations, volunteers and supplies. For more information on how you can help, go to their website at

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