House Democrats Poised to Announce two Articles of Impeachment at Press Conference

House democrats are expected bring forward two articles of impeachment against the president Tuesday morning, after some of the most heated exchanges since the impeachment inquiry began.

An impeachment vote now looms larger than ever, likely coming next week.

House democratic lawyers laid out their impeachment case on Capitol Hill Monday, based on the evidence gathered and witness testimonies.

They stated that President Trump urged Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.

Withholding military aid to get what he wanted; only releasing the aid when he was caught.

But GOP leaders say the evidence is riddled with hearsay and speculation, and say the whole process has been one sided.

The two articles of impeachment House Democrats are expected to bring forward Tuesday are for abuse of power and for obstruction of congress.

They’re expected to unveil the articles during a a press conference Tuesday morning around 9 a.m.