Environmental Protection Agency Presents Solution for Charlevoix Municipal Well Contamination



“I’m grateful tonight to see this much support, community support,” said Barb Godwin- Chulick, a resident who lives in the contaminated area in Charlevoix.

The Charlevoix Municipal Well needs a clean- up.

The Environmental Protection Agency presented a plan to do so Tuesday night.

The community was welcomed to the presentation and public comment.

Those directly affected by the contaminants at the superfund site are anxious to get this plan into action as soon as possible.

“We’re looking forward to moving forward on the site, getting it cleaned up and giving a lot of peace of mind to the community,” said Matthew Ohl, a remedial project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Protection Agency presented a proposed plan to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater from the Charlevoix Municipal Well.

If approved, Charlevoix won’t see clean up begin for another two to three years.

But where did these contaminants come from?

“The contaminated soils that remain from historical releases of these chemicals from dry cleaners and other kinds of commercial operations,” said Ohl.

These chemicals move through the soil and can get inside buildings in crawl spaces or cracks in foundations.

The solution they proposed is systems that prevent the soil from getting inside.

Barb Godwin- Chulick has been dealing with this issue for quite some time

“It’ll be 40 years,” said Godwin- Chulick. “It was really upsetting certainly to find that there were chemicals there.”

She bought her property in 1980.
The contamination was discovered in 1981.
She was told it was cleaned up but that wasn’t the case.

“Our big protest was that we weren’t going to pay our property taxes because our property was worthless,” said Godwin- Chulick.

Nonetheless, she loves where she lives.

“I moved here because it’s so beautiful and I feel really blessed to have had a life here and raised my kids here but this whole part of it has been horrendous,” said Godwin- Chulick.

Those who came tonight plan to form a community advocacy group for this issue.

“That’s exciting because I’ve felt totally alone all these years in this,” said Godwin- Chulick.