Recapping The First Four Days Of The Rep. Inman Trial

Monday morning, the federal trial against State Representative Larry Inman continues, with a possible verdict in the next day or two.

9&10 News been in the courtroom every day for this trial and will be there again this week.

The Williamsburg republican is charged with attempted extortion and bribery as well as lying to the FBI.

These charges stem from a text message Inman sent to a rep at the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights in June 2018.

The text involved donation expectations and the vote on a prevailing wage initiative at the time.

On its face, this case may have seemed open and shut but there is a lot of nuance and complications to it when it comes down to the gray areas in campaign finance. This is going to help solidify some of the confusion and it could be a precedent-setting case going forward.

“The system is flawed,” says Inman’s attorney Chris Cooke, “There’s a lot of money in politics but there’s not another system that works better than our own system.”

The case against Rep. Inman is that he used his vote on prevailing wage in 2018 to bribe a $30,000 campaign donation from a carpenter’s union.

The defense has argued all week that the donation expectation had nothing to do with the actual vote but a sign of support of a politician who’s sympathetic to the cause.

“It’s going to be a determination by the jury on if Rep. Inman’s credibility backs up some of the facts in this case,” says Cooke.

Witnesses spoke of Inman’s integrity while in politics, campaign finance protocol, the insider moves leading up to the vote that influenced this decision and, most heavily, the state rep’s opioid addiction and his state of mind at the time.

“I think it was important for him, for his own personal well-being, to finally tell his story,” says Cooke.

In a surprise, Cooke put the state rep on the stand as a witness to face questioning from both sides.

“I’m clean. I’m happy I’m here,” says Rep. Inman, “I’m happy that I had an opportunity to tell the jury my side of the story.”

Court reconvenes Monday morning at 8:30 and it will finish off with some questioning of Rep. Inman. The defense can bring forward more witnesses after this. If they are done with their witnesses, it will head to closing arguments and jury instruction. The case will then be handed over to the jury to get a verdict.

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