It’s the Start of a Busy Weekend for Local Christmas Tree Lots

It’s the start of a busy weekend for tree lots in northern Michigan as families pick out the perfect tree to celebrate the holiday.

Liabenow Tree Farms in Cadillac sell a variety of trees, in all different sizes.

“Our biggest seller is the Fraser Fir,” said Carl Webster, the manager of the Liabenow Tree Farms lot.

Picking out a family Christmas tree can be a good bonding experience.

However for this family, it’s selling them that brings them together.

“My whole family can be here. That’s kind of nice. We don’t have to be apart for a whole month,” said Webster.

The Webster family has been selling Liabenow Tree Farms’ trees for the past six years.

“They’ve been doing it since they were little so now they’re getting a little big for it,” said Webster.

Not only can you buy your Christmas tree here but you can also get some hot coco and coffee and even some chocolate chip cookies.

“The coco for sure. They love the cookies and the coco,” said Brenda Bruni, whose family was picking out a Christmas tree.

They say that’s one thing that keeps them coming back year after year.

“They’re great people and he usually cuts the trees that I enjoy and he drills them from the bottom so we get the special stand so the kids can’t pull them down,” said Bruni.

They know just what they’re looking for.

“We’ve come here with our children and now our grandchildren and so we’re looking for the biggest tree we can find,” said Bruni.

They went home with a couple 12 footers, then it’s a team effort when it comes to decorating.

“We’ll decorate next weekend when all of our children and grandchildren will be there and we play games and the kids decorate it and they’re decorating it with their parents’ decorations that they made in school and that they made,” said Bruni.