DNR Warns Snowmobile Riders To Ride with Caution After Weekend’s Storm

The DNR is warning people to ride with caution on the snowmobile trails after this weekend’s storm.

The heavy ice and snow is weighing down trees along the trail, breaking off potentially hazardous branches. This week, the DNR and volunteers in Lake County are working to clear those trails.

If you are out, they say to ride with extreme caution and if you see any broken branches to move them to the side for other riders.

“We want all of our users out there to ride with caution, there could be safety hazards around every turn,” says Scott Slavin, the northwestern lower peninsula recreational trails specialist. “There’s going to be trees that are going to fall from this storm and they could fall at night they could fall during the day. When our clubs aren’t out their grooming or our staff aren’t helping to clean up, so our users need to be very cautious.”

The DNR and volunteers hope to have the trails in Lake County cleaned by Friday evening.