Otsego County Man Sentenced in Sex Crimes Case

An Otsego County man appeared in court Tuesday to learn his punishment, months after he took a plea deal in a massive sex crimes case.

Raymond Neeley Jr. was charged with 60 counts of CSC in April of last year.

He eventually pleaded no contest to just one count of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct

The plea came after the victim took her own life.

Tuesday, a judge sentenced Neeley to between 16 months and 2 years in prison with credit for nearly 600 days he’s already served.

The mother-in-law of Raymond Neeley Junior’s victim, came to court with pointed words for the man she called a monster and a man she says did nothing more than shatter dreams.

“It’s been almost two years and I still wait for the door to open at 11:00 p.m. and hear the words ‘mom I’m home.’ I’ll never hear those words again. I’ll never see that beautiful smile or the laughter, comfort her when she cries or hold my grandchildren that would have come eventually,” said the mother-in-law.

The judge also weighed in on the case before sentencing Neeley to between 16 months and two years in prison and with credit for 588 days Neeley has already served.

“A prison sentence is more than warranted and if I could do more I would do more. I’m constrained in many ways, but in the way I’m not constrained is in considering the facts of the case that I know in dealing with this case over the last many months,” said Hon. Colin G. Hunter.

The prosecution says it’s the sentence they were hoping for after the path this case took.

“It sort of came to a place where the risk of continuing to pursue it and maybe walking away with no justice for the victim became outweighed by the practical applications. While many may look at this sentence and feel like this isn’t victory, it really is considering the circumstances involved,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Richard Treusch.

And for the family of the victim it’s a small piece of justice they’ve sought amid a case filled with immense heartache.

“I realize that no amount of justice will ever be enough to equal the loss that my family has suffered, but I don’t want her death to not mean anything either,” said the mother-in-law of the victim.