Cherry Farmers Continue the Fight Against Unfair Foreign Imports

The fight against foreign cherries flooding the U.S. cherry market continued today in the nation’s capital.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters and Nels Veliquette from Cherry Ke and Cherries R Us testified before the International Trade Commission today.

The two businesses along with cherry farmers from all over the country are asking to hold Turkey accountable for cherry dumping.

Turkey is accused of intentionally lowering the price of their cherries to make it hard for American companies to compete.

The ITC has already put in place a 600 percent cherry tariff.

The dried tart cherry coalition filed anti-dumping and countervailing petitions in April.

Since those petitions were signed, Veliquette says farmers started to see a difference.

“This is the best evidence why we are in the right. Imports from turkey were set to double again this year, and over the course of the first of the year through April, they were on pace to do that. As soon as the petition was filed we saw an immediate drop-off of dried tart cherry from Turkey,” said Veliquette.

Veliquette says the ITC could issue a final ruling on Turkey targeting the cherry market by January 14.